Non Fungible Smile VISION

So we’ve seen some of Pitti’s art through his previous works already and we’ve seen through sneak peaks what he’s capable of as a digital artist, so how come he doesn’t have a stable income yet? Sadly, the publicly recognized art world is very small and competitive, and many artists tend to get excluded or discouraged by the scarcity of jobs and difficulty in getting them. In opposition to that, the underground art movement flourishes like never before, cranking out a number of incredibly talented young artists.

In Turin, our birth town, street culture is very strong and established as it was one of the first cities in Europe to make contact with Hip-Hop culture:
through diversity, many places in the city to gained benefit and transformed.

The biggest open air market in Europe became a melting pot of ethnicities, art currents and different life styles, and the near neighborhood Barriera di Milano went from a degraded situation to a cradle for art studios, tattooers, graffiti artists, musicians, dancers and many other collectives who act on the redevelopment of that part of the city. This new influence made many realties collaborate to create any type of event, such as Kappa FuturFestival, Graphic Days, Paratissima, The Others, Club To Club and many others.

Even though there’s so much interest, the city still doesn’t recognize, financially nor sensitively, the artistic value of what’s produced and and is very exclusive and careless of the real messages art could convey. Street art especially, still gets seen as vandalism doesn’t get as much space; there’s little acknowledgment and even less jobs.

Similarly to the NFT world, the community of artists helping each other out and the networking possibilities around here is undeniable, but that got us thinking. If there’s so much talent in our area then there has to be more around the world, and we can imagine that many highly talented artists aren’t getting the proper exposure. With many of them we can get in contact through the Trippie Community, and we hope we can start a streak of collaborations to support each other. Using not only the extensive pool of talent in our backyard, Turin, but with the help of every artist that can’t valorize their art, wherever they may be, our vision is to be a launching pad for creative expression and a socially impacting resource.

As a method of expression we’ll need every sort of technique, and innovative ideas: not only clothes and items with a concept designs that deliver meaningful messages, to really get into people’s everyday life, but whatever can be helpful to engage with talented people through Trippie2022. Most of all, that’s what’s important. We want to create a cultural living room where to meet new skilled people and to explore the Web3 and real world possibilities together.

As Trippie 2022 we want to be a hub for creative expression, to bring streetwear to the Metaverse and giving the right visibility artists who struggle. Help us and we’ll help you!



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